Secret Agent Clan Constitution

We the people of the international Internet community, in order to form a more perfect gaming experience, ensure respect for all members, establish a fertile and fully whorable Members Site of free* ideas, provide a competitive environment for those that choose to compete, promote shared real-life activities, have a laugh at other's expense, and secure access to the blessings of the Internet, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the Secret Agent Clan (hereafter referred to as 'the clan').

*Racism, sexism (including attacks on orientation), personal attacks, and un-NotSafeForWork labeled adult content are not tolerated, and can be considered grounds for dismissal from the clan; this is your warning! Note that use of the term 'Homo' is grandfathered-in as OK and is considered a term of endearment, not a personal attack.

Article I

Section 1 Powers

Unless otherwise noted, all legislative, executive and judicial powers herein granted shall be vested in the Clan Leader as the sole dictator, subject, of course, to mutiny of the general clan populace. Votes may be held and ignored, as necessary, to mollify the general clan populace, so as to avert mutiny, and/or to give the appearance of democracy. The Clan Leader may delegate these powers to subordinates, as necessary, flowing down through the clan rank hierarchy (see section 2, Clause 5).

Section 2 Members

Clause 1: Don't Be a Nudnik

All clan members are expected to read and understand this constitution. Ignorance will not be considered an excuse for breaches of proscribed conduct. We are a fun-first organization, and enjoy jokes and playful ribbing; however, any Agent showing malicious disrespect for another Agent may be subject to Dishonorable Discharge from the Clan even upon the first offense.

Clause 2: One Clan Rule

For games where the clan has a division, members must join the clan's organization in that game, if one exists. They may not join another clan-like organization in that game. Joining temporary, within-game organizations (squads, gangs, parties, etc.) may be tolerated, so long as they do not present a threat or division of loyalty to the clan. If a group competes with the clan's organization, it would likely be breaking this rule to join it. Division Leaders shall be responsible to determine which within-game organizations are acceptable and which constitute a breach of this rule. When in doubt, ask your Division Leader.

If the clan does not have a division for a game, members are free to join clan-like organizations within that game as they choose.

Clause 3: Forum Check

All clan members are required to visit the Members Forum at least once every two weeks. Members failing to do so are subject to involuntary Leave of Absence (LOA), or termination from the clan at the Division Leader's discretion.

Clause 4: Age of Recruits

Recruits are expected to be at least age 18 at the time of acceptance into the clan. This is both for their and the clan's protection. At the Clan Leader's discretion, younger recruits may be considered for inclusion in the clan. No Members Forum access will be granted to the under-age member until that member reaches the age of 18. Legacy (children of members) recruits may be sponsored by parent members with approval by the Clan Leader, and are subject to any and all penalties their sponsored recruit may incur. Legacy members should be at least 13 and will be considered Assets without Member Forum access until age 18.

Clause 5: Rank hierarchy and Responsibilities

000: Assets are children/young relatives of Agents (i.e., legacy). Assets are responsible for following the rules and watching themselves. An Asset has no real duties other than to show up and play their hearts out as they are being considered for acceptance to the clan. Assets have no access to the member forum and so have no forum check requirements.

001: Agents are responsible for following the rules and watching themselves. An Agent has no duties other than to show up and play their hearts out. As an Agent, you have 48 hours from the time you get the welcome package via email to send the Support Team an email response, log into and post in the forum. FAILURE TO DO SO will result in termination. Introduce yourself, get acclimated, and use your 30 days as a probationary member to show that you belong.

002: Field Agents are in charge of making sure Agents and Assets follow the rules and represent the Secret Agent Clan in a positive way. If a Field Agent feels that an Asset or Agent is not living up to their responsibilities, they will not intervene directly but mention it to a Special Agent, Staff Agent, or Operative in their division. A Field Agent also has the duty to get to know all the Agents in their division, help them out with The Forum and to share basic clan lore (Servers/TS/IP Addresses, Passwords, etc.).

003: Special Agents are in charge of keeping an eye over their Squad and dealing with grievances and possibly weeding out anyone that is ruining the Secret Agent Clan experience. Special Agents will show how to properly represent the Secret Agent Clan through: training, good communication, and by example.

If a Special Agent has a problem with a new recruit he must convey that through the chain of command. A Special Agent is responsible for keeping their unit together (i.e., helping them out with questions, game tactics, and being present often). A Special Agent is responsible for one Training/Game night every week. It does not matter if he hosts it, just so long as they are there for the training game. All lower ranks must be there if they are online. Special Agent is the first rank that REQUIRES actual work in the clan. If a member simply wants to play, there is no shame in remaining at 002 for an extended period of time.

004: Staff Agents are seasoned members that have proven heavy involvement with the clan. They are responsible for making sure Special Agents are holding game nights and making sure every member listed under them in their division visits the forum at least once every 2 weeks. If a member does not attend on schedule, a Staff Agent will email that member with instructions on how to get in the forum and a message stating that they have 72 hours to make it in the forum or be removed from the Secret Agent Clan. Removal will be made by the Division Leaders.

005: Operatives are proven clan members for life. They are experienced family members available to handle disputes, challenges & decisions. Operatives are to communicate with everyone keeping an eye on the ranks below them to make sure the Secret Agent Clan name remains strong.

006: Case Officers are responsible for carrying out the recruiting process. This includes sending out the recruit packets, updating the forums to highlight new recruits, and sending them the Members Packet if/when they are accepted into the clan. Only a Chief of Staff (008) or the Clan Leader can remove Case Officers.

007: Chiefs of Station are proven leaders and are the right-hand clan members to the Chief of Staff (008). They figure heavily into decisions such as promotions, demotions, and are counted on to handle problems swiftly and fairly. If no 008 is present in the division, the Chief of Station is considered the official Division Leader. Only the Clan Leader can remove a Chief of Station.

008: Chiefs of Staff are members that founded the Secret Agent Clan or members that show total dedication to the clan. Though they are not on-line every waking hour they can always be reached to handle any problems or questions that arise. Their position in the clan is only removable by themselves or the Clan Leader. The Clan Leader may remove a Chief of Staff, or the 008s can vote to remove a fellow 008 with a 2/3 majority vote. Their responsibilities include signing up new members, giving tryouts, promoting, updating web pages, and setting a good attitude for the other members to follow.

Officers and Founders Network (OFN): OFN is for members that have shown extreme dedication to the clan, long-term, have served with distinction, and must have requested OFN status. Contributing factors for the Clan Leader to consider: Time and performance at a commanding rank (005-008), overall time served in the clan (i.e., at least 3 years), and other contributions "above and beyond" regular duties. An OFN request is subject approval from the Clan Leader before the rank is bestowed. The Clan Leader may remove an OFN from the clan. OFN have no clan responsibility or authority, but are welcome to play and give opinions as any clan member does.

Clan Leader: Leader of the clan and stuff. If the Clan Leader goes on LOA they must first designate a temporary delegate for their Clan Leader responsibilities. A Clan Leader who is resigning may appoint a new Clan Leader, subject to a majority vote of Division Leaders. If there is no appointee, the Division Leaders may elect a new Clan Leader on a majority vote.

Clause 6: Promotions

Promotions happen to those that go beyond the call of duty as determined by the Clan Leader, Division Leader(s), or their delegates.

Clause 7: Division Leader

A Division Leader is the highest ranking officer in a division. Division Leaders handle promotions, demotions, and disputes within their division. Disputes between divisions are discussed among the relevant Division Leaders and, if necessary, a final decision to resolve the dispute is made by the Clan Leader.

Clause 8: Delegates

A Delegate is a clan member given temporary authority and responsibility over one or more of the Clan Leader's, or a Division Leader's duties. The Division Leader must announce the member as their delegate to the clan and outline their authority/responsibility in a post to their Division folder or to the Everyone folder. This notifies the general clan populous who is now in charge of those areas that have been delegated.

Clause 9: Discharges

A discharge from the clan is determined by Division Leaders or the Clan Leader, subject to the restrictions in the clauses above.

Dishonorable Discharge (DD) from the clan is given to those who have shown they are not Agent material and are general asshats/fucktards who have caused problems for the clan. This is determined by the Division Leader or the Clan Leader. Members who receive a DD are not welcome back to the clan.

General Discharge (GD) from the clan is given to members in good standing that are no longer active and are below the rank of 005, and have been a clan member less than 4 years, and no longer wish to play and/or be a part of the clan. If a GD member wishes to come back they must apply and start again as a 001.

Honorable Discharge (HD) from the clan is given to those members in good standing that are no longer active and are at or above the rank of 005, or have been a clan member at least 4 years, and no longer wish to play and/or be a part of the clan. If an HD member wishes to come back they must apply but can regain their former rank upon acceptance.

Clause 10: Leave of Absence

Members who have no time to meet their Clan responsibilities may request a Leave of Absence (LOA) from their Division or Clan Leader. LOA places that member on hold with respect both to Clan responsibilities and to Clan advancement in rank. LOA may be granted for any reason and any length the Division or Clan Leader sees fit. Terms of the LOA must be recorded and include the reason/need and an estimated return to active duty date.

Section 3 Divisions

Clause 1: New Divisions

New divisions are formed around a single game or family of related games, and generally have a separate folder on the Members Forum to discuss issues surrounding playing and maintaining a fun and fertile environment for clan members to enjoy the game(s). Forum folder structure is determined by the Division Leader or their delegates.

Clause 2: Division Requirments

Divisions can be created by no less than 10 members desiring to leave their current division to create the new one, and one of these members must hold the rank of 007 or greater. The game must exist, at least as a 'beta release'. Member transfers from one division to another are subject to approval from both Division Leaders of the source and destination divisions.

Section. 4. Resources

Donations (for servers and other ad hoc needs) are always encouraged and may be called for as necessary, but are not mandatory.

Article II

Amendments: Any clan member may propose Amendments to this Constitution, subject to a 2/3 majority vote from Division Leaders (or his/her delegate) and subject to Veto from the Clan Leader prior to adoption.

Votes: Where votes are called for, the vote must consist of at least half of the eligible voting body (e.g., 3 of 5 Division Leaders) with the "majority" or "2/3 majority" tallied from actual votes cast for the vote to be considered valid. The Clan Leader may participate in any Division Leader, or other general clan member vote.

Veto: Where this document outlines veto power for the Clan Leader to nullify a clan vote, such veto must occur within one week of the last vote (or one within one week of returning from vacation/sick/other legitimate leave) as a reply to the vote-post, or the vote is considered successful and the measure adopted.

Secret Agent Clan