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Welcome! This website is dedicated to the Secret Agent Clan, a place where members can share their gaming and social experiences. Although this website cannot fully describe an Agent experience; the best course of action is to play and talk with actual Agents. We are always looking for new members to the SAC family. We also encourage you to join our TeamSpeak server. You can always ask an Agent for more information; catch us online or through tools such as Steam. If you would like to contact us about something, please consult our contacts page.


So you have joined the ranks? We always enjoy breaking a new blood in; time to have some fun! The recruitment process is easy. First off, it starts with you playing with Agents. If you are having fun and looking for a better gaming experience, you can then apply to Secret Agent Clan. The most important part is to have fun, looking forward to having you join the family. If you would like to contact us about something, please use the contacts page.


Curious Agent ~ why are you here instead of browsing the forums or ranting in TeamSpeak? Happy gaming! If you are having an issues with the site, you can use the contacts page.

Secret Agent Clan